Science Fiction

I love all kinds of science fiction, from space opera to hard SF and funny to serious. As long as it tells an engaging story and entertains me, I’m in. Books I’ve collected here are some of my favorites by a variety of authors. I earn a small commission from sales of these books.

Whalefall, a literary hard SF novel by Daniel Kraus


Jay Gardiner had a long and difficult relationship with his father. In a desperate bid to regain even a little respect from the community, Jay aims to recover his father’s remains from Carmel Bay. Before he spots any sign of his father, Jay finds himself in the middle of a battle to the death between a giant squid and a sperm whale. With only an hour of air, Jay fights his own demons to survive and escape.

This accessible literary novel is engaging from page one and filled with understandable science about sperm whales, diving, and the ocean. The prose is impressionistic and beautiful. One of the best hard SF novels I’ve read. Buy on Amazon (affiliate link).